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At Little Treasures we believe that the children are at their happiest when they are busily involved in learning and play. Children are natural learners, who when left to follow their own instincts will want to constantly explore the world. The child is given a balance between freedom and structure to use the activities without unnecessary interference so he/she develops to his/her full potential and at his/her own pace.

“There is in the child a special kind of sensitivity which leads him to absorb everything about him and it is this work of observing and absorbing that alone enables him to adapt himself to life” Dr Maria Montessori from the Absorbent Mind.

Little Treasurers provides full day care for babies and toddlers from 3 months up to 3 years our baby and toddler room provides a warm, safe, welcoming environment where young babies and children will experience quality care, sensory play, developmental support through, role play, messy and creative play, construction and problem solving and direct access on to a private garden. Each child has their individual routines followed, to provide that home from home feeling and helping to ease their initial transition into nursery. Children form close relationships with key practitioners who instil their self-esteem from the outset and provide lots of support to parents/carers. Children also have access to lots of different foods during messy play, using their whole bodies to explore, taste and touch what is available to them using a variety of tools. Children have the opportunity to rest and sleep throughout the day and daily activities are tailored to support their three Prime areas of development.

Communication and Language,  Physical Development  and  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During your child’s day at nursery we supply snacks at morning and afternoon breaks, this includes fruit, water and milk. Lunches are available at an extra fee. 

We have a lovely outside area at nursery. We try and make use of our outside areas each and every day.

Can we please ask that in the warmer weather you could supply a sun hat and sun cream and in the winter a warm coat, hat, gloves and Wellingtons.

We provide a safe, secure area for our younger children to enjoy. It provides soft, matted flooring so is suitable for sitting, crawling and toddling babies. It has some large play equipment, sandpit, little bikes and push along toys for balance. An area where children are encouraged to take controlled risks and explore the tyres and balancing structures. There is also a “Mud Kitchen” for children to use their imaginations to explore and investigate what mud can do using various tools and water. 

We follow the Framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage by embracing the principle that young children learn through play and experimenting, a philosophy to which we are absolutely committed.

THE EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE [2017] is the curriculum that covers both the welfare and learning and development of young children from Birth to the end of their first year in School.


THE EYFS FRAMEWORK HAS BEEN REVISED  and now comprises of:  


3 Prime Areas of Learning:                                                                                                     


4 Specific Areas of Learning:

  • LITERACY                                                                                                                                         

Little Treasures  provides a wealth of activities and experiences which cover all areas of learning.

We liaise closely with parents and take note of each child's interests, progress and development.  To ensure that we spend as much time as possible working, playing and interacting with the children, we minimise the time we spend on paperwork which impacts directly on our provision for the child and the information that we share with the parents.

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